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How sweet is this?? Justin and Kevin like to come up with different ways to give back to their community. They decided to raise money and come to Asheville Humane Society's Adoption Center to spend their earnings on toys for our cats! They chose toys from our store and went through giving the kitties gifts :) Please help us thank Justin and Kevin for their compassionate hearts!

Asheville Humane Society

Pin For Change organized a river cleanup at Carrier Park with our kindergarten classes.  They supplied all cleanup materials and snacks and led groups of students around the park.  It was a great experience for the kids to beautify a community park, and they learned that even kids their own age can make a huge difference in their community and world.

Jennifer Love - Fernleaf Charter School


We are now working to build a formal entity for the idea of The Pin for Change by establishing a 501(c)(3) organization, gathering a  volunteer board of directors and assembling a youth advisory committee. 


Our Board of Directors will help provide oversight and guidance to develop  the organization. This is an opportunity for North Carolina-based volunteers to give back  to the community using their professional expertise. Our founding board will be responsible for  refining organizational bylaws, helping to build our brand, raising operating funds, networking  with community leaders, and developing strategies around setting up and sustaining an effective  nonprofit organization.

If you have skills in accounting, communications, leadership  development, law, fundraising, environmental stewardship or child  development and would like to learn more about becoming a board member, please contact  Christy Lemyre at thepinforchange@gmail.com


A key value of The Pin for Change is our commitment to being youth led. We want our members—that is, kids ages eight to 17—to lead how we approach our work. We are  forming a Youth Advisory Committee to provide insight, input and inspiration into how The Pin for  Change operates and to build out pilot service projects that will help guide other children who get  involved in the organization. Youth Advisory Committee members are asked to commit a year of  service and attend at least six meetings. During this year, youth are expected to plan and participate  in an environmental service event. 

If your family is passionate about environmental stewardship and would like to help shape the future  for North Carolina, please contact Christy Lemyre at thepinforchange@gmail.com


Do you know someone who could help host service projects, sponsor our events or share their  expertise to help The Pin for Change grow? We’re eager to make connections with like-minded people. 

GET IN TOUCH! Christy Lemyre thepinforchange@gmail.com